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Department Goal

· To capitalise on the natural curiosity of students by engaging them in the learning of Science through discovery and inquiry

· To inculcate the spirit of inquiry and innovation within every Gabrielite

· To develop every Gabrielite to embrace Science with passion and be responsible in caring for the environment

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Head of Department:
Head of Department: Mdm Heng Choo Ching
Subject Head: Mdm Sharifah Nurulhuda
Senior Teacher: Mdm Chitra Devi

Programmes and Activites 

Primary 3 – 6 Student Centric Curriculum & Experiential Learning

         Inquiry-Based Learning
IBL 1.jpegIBL 2.jpeg
IBL 3.jpeg

         Experiential Learning
Experiential Learning 2.jpegExperiential Learning 1.jpeg
Experiential Learning 3.jpeg

         Practical Tests
Science Practical Test 1.jpegScience Practical Test 3.jpegScience Practical Test 2.jpeg

Science Recess Programmes
Science Recess Programme Light 2.jpeg
Science Recess Programme Light 1.jpegScience Recess Programme Light 3.jpeg

Science Recess Programme Bubbles 1.jpegScience Recess Programme Bubbles 3.jpegScience Recess Programme Bubbles 4.jpeg

Environmental Programmes and Initiatives

Buddy Clean Workshop
Buddy Clean Workshop.jpg
Food Waste Collection Drive
Food Waste Collection Drive.jpg
E-Waste Collection Drive
EWaste Collection Drive.jpg

Links and Online Resources 


1. Singapore Zoological Gardens

2. Jurong Bird Park

3. Singapore Science Centre

4. Sungei Buloh

5. Botanic Gardens

6. Fort Canning

7. Newater

8. Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research

Online Resources

1. Science Syllabus