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Reap The Laurels 2018
Reap The Laurels, our annual speech and prize giving day, will be happening next Friday, 16 Nov 2018. All prize winners and their parents will be receiving an invitation from us soon to attend this celebration. We hope you can join us as we celebrate the achievements of your child in 2018.
08 Nov 2018
Nomination for President's Award for Teachers 2019 is now open!
Show your appreciation for an excellent teacher from school, polytechnic or ITE today by submitting a nomination now.
08 Oct 2018
Nomination for Outstanding Youth in Education Award 2019 is now open!
A passionate teacher leads, cares and inspires. Express your appreciation for an outstanding young educator today by submitting a nomination now!
08 Oct 2018
Staff Appreciation Quotes
29 Aug 2018
St. Gabriel's School 65th Anniversary Dinner
St. Gabriel’s School will be commemorating the 65th anniversary of our founding with a Mass on Sat, 17 Nov 2018 at 1730hrs in the secondary school chapel.
03 Sep 2018
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