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Department Goal
Engaged Learners. Effective Communicators.

Subject Head
Ms Palaniammal Murugiah

Malay Language Coordinator 
Mr Muhamad Hamzah Rohi

Programmes and Activities


Engaged Learners

Use of various strategies and engaging activities such as group work, games, drama etc to engage students in the learning of Malay Language. 

Group Work 1.jpgGroup Work 2.jpg
 Group Work
Pair Work.jpgLearning Through Games.jpg
Pair Work  Learning Through Games

Mother Tongue Fortnight Activities: 

A week of fun-filled activities to expose students to the Malay Culture through the introduction of Malay food and art forms so as to arouse students’ interest and love for the language.  

Primary 1: Local Foods
Primary 2: Teh Tarik
Primary 3: Carpet Weaving
Primary 4: Craftwork – Bunga Mangah
Primary 5: Wayang Kulit

Food Plate.jpg
Teh Tarik 1.jpg
Teh Tarik 2.jpgKetupat Making.jpg
Food Plate
 Teh TarikKetupat Making
Bunga Manga.jpg
Wayang Kulit 1.jpgWayang Kulit 2.jpg
 Bunga Manga Wayang Kulit

Primary 1 to 6 Traditional Games and Music Day
To build students’ vocabulary through exposure to local games 
Chinese Spinning Top.jpg
Mind Challenges 1.jpg
Mind Challenges 2.jpg
Chinese Spinning TopMind Challenges

P3 Cultural Experience

An authentic experience of Malay Language and Culture: Silat

Silat 1.jpg
Silat 2.jpg


Reading Programme (P2 to P6)

Objective: To develop students’ as effective communicators in the Malay language through customized reading and oratorical resources. 

1) MOE Phonetics and Reading Programme at Primary 1

2) Silent Reading on Tuesdays and Thursdays (P1 - P6)

Objective: To build students’ vocabulary and competency in the language through the reading of Malay books / articles. 

Big Book Reading.jpg
Story Telling.jpg
Big Book ReadingStory Telling

 E-Learning Platforms

Cekap Website 

Student Learning Space (SLS)

Objective: To embark on various ICT platforms to enhance the learning of Malay.



2019 PSLE : 100 % passes in Standard Malay 

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