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It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the website of the St.Gabriel’s Primary School. Established as part of the St. Gabriel’s School in 1953 and subsequently as the primary school in 1969, our school is proud of its continued mission to Shape Lives for Service to God and Nation.


Each child is precious and unique. In following the footsteps of our founder, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, whose belief was to ‘Love each child as a son of God’, the staff strives to love each of the pupils in our charges, unconditionally, as our own. We are committed to truly educating our boys by nurturing in them, the flame of inquiry and keep it burning so that they will be prepared for a life of learning. We believe that every child is ‘gifted’ and we should look at such ‘giftedness’ as multifaceted and help them to capitalize on their strengths. so that the confidence they experience will inspire them to discover their potential. The school has designed a suite of effective academic and co-curricular programmes for this purpose. For instance, the Inquiry Week, Mother Tongue fortnight, enrichment as well as bridging programmes cater to the different learning needs, styles and interests of our pupils while a stable of co-curricular activities that is varied and interesting provides an exciting and immersive school experience for our pupils throughout their six years with us.


Beyond the cultivation of intellectual curiosity in our pupils, we recognise that it is even more important that each one of them is given a Voice so that they may learn to have a heart for others, through service to God and the nation. We seek to provide opportunities for our pupils to live out the school virtues of Self-discipline, Generosity, Perseverance, Sincerity, Loyalty, Orderliness, Respect and Diligence. In St. Gabriel’s, staff, pupils and parents alike are proud of their achievements in the Gabrielite STAR, a unique Character Formation programme that has served the school community well in nurturing pupils who have imbibed the desired school virtues and values.


It is our hope and desire that each pupil will approach learning with passion and perseverance; that he will form lasting friendships and thus understand the meaning of loyalty, sincerity and fellowship; that he will become socially responsible citizens who would learn from the youngest age how to give of themselves for the greater good; that he will laugh and play and enjoy being a boy. Above all he must always be mindful of God's grace and presence.


As the Gabrielite school community, we, the school administration, staff, pupils and parents, have so much to be proud of, in particular, the continued improvement and achievement of our pupils in the academic and co-curricular domains. I am certainly proud that many of our Gabrielites have grown up to be morally upright and become exemplary citizens.


Mrs Catherine Chiang