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The Innovation Programme (IvP), an initiative from MOE Gifted Education branch, provides a unique opportunity for students to develop their problem solving and inventive skills and come up with innovative ideas or products. The focus of each session is to teach students the skills and strategies for generating ideas and evaluating solutions, conducting surveys to gather information on products, making prototypes and writing reports on their innovations. Selected students will then partake in the IvP Project Judging where their work is presented and the selection of the best project ideas and poster presentations are made. Selected projects are then showcased at the Young Innovator’s Fair, which includes the featuring of their final poster and prototype designs. The sessions will be conducted by the school teachers and will run from January to August.

IvP 1.jpegIvP 2.jpeg
 Presenting their IvP projects to their peers in school
IvP 4.jpegIvP 3.jpeg
Presenting their IvP projects during the IvP Fair