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Cultivating students’ interest in the learning of Chinese language has always been the focus of the Chinese Department in SGPS. In alignment with our school’s 2025 vision, we hope to broaden our student’s learning experience, provide them with a platform to discover their interest so that they can plan for their education pathway and achieve their dreams. 

Some of the programmes that have been catered for these students include a Comic Essay Writing Workshop and Learning Language through Drama Workshop. Apart from the above, the Primary 4LMM students also embarked on Digital Storytelling to leverage up their proficiency in the language as well as their creative cognitive skills.

HCL Programme 2.jpgHCL Programme 1.jpg
Comic Essay Writing Workshop 
HCL Programme 3.jpgHCL Programme 4.jpg
Digital Storytelling Workshop
HCL Programme 5.jpgHCL Programme 6.jpg
Learning Language through Drama and Songs