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LMM Programme Coordinator
Mr Andy Kong

Team Members
Ms Jane Lim
Mrs Cecilia Koh
Mrs Vishnu Radha 
Mdm Koo Hue Ling
Ms Wan Chui Ting
Miss Low Yun Hui 
Dr Elaine Cai
Mdm Sharifah Nurulhuda
Ms Yenny Phoon

We acknowledge that all Gabrielites have different areas of strengths. We also recognize that amongst our Gabrielites, are boys who learn at a different pace and these boys would benefit from a more robust and academically challenging curriculum. 

As such, there arose a need for a differentiated curriculum to cater to them which saw the introduction of the St Louis Marie de Montfort (LMM) class in 2016.

According to research by leading professional in the Gifted Education field, Dr Joyce Van Tassel-Baska noted that there were three fundamental differences that distinguish the gifted from more typical learners. Firstly, these students have the capacity to learn at faster rates. Secondly, they are capable of finding, solving and acting on problems more readily. Thirdly, they are able to manipulate abstract ideas and make connections more easily.

As such, there is a need for differentiated curriculum based on these differences and this is where the school will be catering to the needs of the group of students with a different ability and pace of learning through the LMM class.

In alignment with Gabrielite 2025, apart from developing our students to be a Leader, Sportsman and Achiever, the LMM classes aims to achieve the following objectives:
Provide a compelling learning experience that cultivates the spirit of life-long learning
Cater to the needs of a group of students with a different ability and pace of learning
Expose students to a wide variety of educational opportunities and disciplines that are not provided through regular instructional programme.

LMM Framework
LMM Framework.png
At the end of three years of LMM education, we aim to develop every student to be:
Empathetic and Morally Responsible Citizens
Resilient and Self-Directed Learners
Convincing and Confident Communicators
Critical and Inventive Thinkers

Structural of the LMM Curriculum

Students in these LMM classes follow the mainstream curriculum during school hours with differential instruction in subject areas like Mathematics, e.g. LE³ during its lessons. A selected group of LMM students is also offered Higher Mother Tongue as a non-examinable subject. This is to allow them to be immersed in the language and to appreciate the culture of their Mother Tongue. To extend the students’ learning, an array of mandatory and optional programmes have been carefully curated for them to participate. These programmes take into consideration the students’ cognitive needs and interests and include the following programmes:

Apart from engaging the students cognitively, the LMM students also connect with the community through VIA programmes such as being advocates for the Gabrielite Foundation Flag Day and promoting recycling through upcycling.

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