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Physical & Health Education

Department Goal

To develop every Gabrielite into

1) Sportsmen who lead pursue healthy lifestyles independently

2) Lifelong learners equipped with 21CC knowledge, skills and attitude through quality co-curricular activities

PE, HE & CCA Co-ordinator

Ms Selvei Shunmugam


Programmes and Activities

In St Gabriel’s Primary School, every child is equipped with the necessary skills to play at least 3 sports by the end of 6 years. Apart from regular physical and health education (PHE) lessons, the school has a comprehensive and progressive plan to support students in their learning of the subjects (see table of activities below). 



Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4




PAL (Sports and Games)


Mini Olympics






SwimSafer Programme

SwimSafer Programme

NAPFA Familiarisation


Sports and Games Day





Sports Skills Exhibition




  • Sports Skills Exhibition
  • Discovery & Leadership Camp




Sports Skills Exhibition






P1 and P2 Mini Olympics

The teachers take personal responsibility for our professional development by participating actively and regularly in relevant workshops and sharing sessions. To heighten the quality of instruction, the school also works closely with PE professionals like Dr Judith Rink, distinguished Professor Emeritus from the University of South Carolina, US to foster the effectiveness of teaching and learning.  Since 2014, the school has collaborated with Educational Technology Division (ETD), Physical Education and Sports Teachers Academy (PESTA) and other schools to explore the use of technology in Physical Education and Sports. 



Video recording a skill performance

Using technology to improve on movement skills


The school constantly seeks and rides on innovative platforms to maximize student participation rate, activity level and learning experiences in PE and Co-Curricular Activities (CCA). For example, the school partners cluster schools and external organisations to organise health-related activities such as Health and Wellness Week, Library cum Eyecare Week, Project Fit, Healthy Recess Programme and BP Initiative @ Schools programme in an effort to create more authentic learning experiences for the students. 


BP Initiative @ Schools Programme

Health and Wellness Week