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Chinese Language

Department Goal

Engaged Learners. Effective Communicators. 

Head of Department

Mdm Koo Hue Ling

Chinese Language Coordinator

Ms Wan Chui Ting

Programmes and Activities

To enhance students' interest in learning Chinese Language, the following activities are organized for all pupils.




1) Mother Tongue Fortnight / Inquiry Based Projects (IBL) 

2 weeks of language / cultural activities to inculcate the love and interest in the learning Chinese Language through related activities.


2) P3 Language/Cultural Camp

Interesting Speech & Drama camp to inculcate interest in the learning of Chinese Language through language and cultural activities.


3) Assembly Programme 

Chinese New Year Celebrations


4) Inter-Class Competitions and Activities

Reading Champion / Library Activities


5) Inter-School Competitions and Activities

Singapore-Malaysia Bilingual Olympiad
National Story Challenge
My Dream Shop, National Writing Competition
Primary and Secondary School Text Recital Competition
National On-the-spot Chinese Story Writing Competition
我想听你说(SAY IT OUT! :  Mandarin Public Speaking Event for Primary Schools
National Primary School Cross-Talk Competition


1) Oral Programme (P6)

Objective: To develop students’ reading and oratorical skills.


2) Silent Reading during pre-assembly on Tuesdays and Thursdays (P1 - P6)

Objective: To encourage reading of Chinese books / articles so as to improve pupils' language competency.


3) Reading Programme

Structured reading programme which encourages read of Chinese Language books


4) E-Learning - MC Online

Objective: To use ICT as a platform to enhance the learning of Chinese.


5) Enrichment Programmes

Speech & Drama, Composition Writing and Oracy Skills


6) Local Learning Journeys

  • Arts and cultural performances
  • Movie screenings


Information on Chinese Language Learning Resources


ICT Resources for Chinese Curriculum                                                                                                                           

A website to access the ICT resources used in the teaching and learning of Chinese Language in school


Oracy eLand                                                                                                                                                     

An interactive online learning portal targetted at enhancing the students' oracy skills.

Dudu Town

An interesting portal to encourage the students in reading Chinese Language story books.

Ezhishi website

A learning portal for students to learn Chinese Language so as to enhance their four skills, which are listening, speaking, reading and writing.

MC Online

A learning portal for students to learn Chinese Language so as to enhance their four skills

Calligraphy Competition



Parent's Workshop


Chinese New Year

Hosting Visitors

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Hosting Visitors

Chinese New Year