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Character and Citizenship Education

Department Goal – Character & Citizenship Education (CCE)

The goal of the Character and Citizenship Education Department (CCE) in St. Gabriel’s Primary School, is to inculcate values in our Gabrielites and to develop them to be active loyal citizens who are able to contribute to the society, are civic-conscious and resilient.

This is done through various vehicles like National Education (NE), CCE lessons which are conducted during Mother Tongue lessons, our school’s in-house Montfortian Character & Citizenship Education (MCCE) lessons, as well as through valuable school experiences such as Values-In-Action projects, CCAs, and even during daily cleaning.

Subject Head:

Mrs Jessica Hoon


National Education (NE)

NE strives to develop a better understanding of the country. In doing so, we aim to develop in our students, national cohesion, emotional rootedness and the sense of belonging to the nation.

 Specific activities are carried out to provide opportunities for students to interact and work together to accomplish an assigned task during the 4 core NE events – Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day, National Day - that will be held in school.


Montfortian Character & Citizenship Education (MCCE)

Every term, MCCE lessons are conducted by all teachers. During these lessons, the story and virtues of our founder, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, is shared with the Gabrielites. From his life story, Gabrielites are encouraged to live out the school’s virtues in whatever they do.


Values-In-Action (VIA)

Recognising the need for social cohesion and civic responsibility, we aim to develop Gabrielites to be active contributors to the society through Values-In-Action (VIA) by levels and co-curricular activities (CCA). The whole-school approach is in line with the school’s view on holistic education.

 Responsibility to School: For example, “Use-Your-Hands” Campaign is conducted semesterly to instil in Gabrielites the need to be responsible for their learning environment; Clean-the-Canteen Programme is conducted by some levels to reinforce that cleanliness is everyone’s civic responsibility.

 Responsibility to the Environment: Recycling drives

 Responsibility to the Community: For example, Used Books Collection Drive for needy children; Skipathon and Foundation Flag Day is conducted annually and allows students to be aware of the less privileged and to contribute to them.


NE Show 


Every year, the Primary 5 students attend the NE Show to bask in the national celebrations and to evoke in them, a sense of patriotism.



S6 Hawker Culture Exhibition


Students were exposed to various hawker fare during Mother Tongue Fortnight and as part of their English lesson (Food Fit for a King).


Used Books Collection Drive

Students go around the neighbourhood to collect used story books to contribute to the needy children within South-East CDC as part of their VIA project.


VIA at Montfort Youth Centre, Malacca

The VIA project to Montfort Youth Centre is one of our school’s flagship project. Selected students visit the Montfort Youth Centre to better understand their living conditions and to embark on a project to better the Centre’s living environment.


Stamp-Out Dengue


CCAs come together every year to participate in a joint collaboration with external agencies to raise awareness of dengue within the neighbourhood.