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Department Goal

To nurture the arts talents and growth of our Gabrielites through three main domains: Visual Arts, Music and Drama.


Head of Department

Mrs Catherine Low


Aesthetics Department

Our Arts Education aims to provide Gabrielites a wide spectrum of arts experiences to help them realise their creative talents and develop their aesthetics vision. In heightening their creative sensibilities, visual and performing arts enrichment programmes are designed and customised to extend beyond the learning of skills and techniques while contributing to their aesthetic and overall development. 

Visual arts curriculum creates many opportunities for Gabrielites to nurture their creativity and artistic nature through a variety of art forms like Drawing, Painting, Collage, Art with ICT, Printmaking art, Ceramic art, Relief and Sculpture, as well as integrating Art with academic subjects. We hope that every Gabrielite is artistically literate where he will be able to develop the ability to observe, understand and make meaning of what he sees, and to articulate his ideas. Through appreciating art, Gabrielites are also able to recognise the value and the relevance of art in their lives. 



Music curriculum provides a broad-based music education. Gabrielites are equipped with essential musical knowledge and skills through the use of different instruments such as Percussion, Boomwhacker, Recorder, Handbell, Ukulele, Orff instruments, Keyboard and Guitar. The learning of music is encouraged through direct experiences in Listening, Performing and Creating. In fostering their appreciation for music of different cultures, Gabrielites are exposed to a range of music of both local and global cultures. We hope to develop in them an informed and life-long involvement in music.


Singapore Youth Festival Art 2017

P5 and 6_St Gabriels Primary_In My Shoes(1) (1).jpgIMG20170310150419.jpg

Artist Statement

Our artwork is made up of shoes. We chose shoes because we use it everyday and shoes bring us to different places and spaces. We covered the empty spaces of our shoes with places and things around us that defines us. Everyone of us is different and nobody can fill the space of another's shoes.

Category A_St Gabriels Primary_Spaces We Love (1).png

Artist Statement

This artwork shows the spaces we like and how we feel about the spaces using different colours. We chose our school, garden, park, bedroom and Merlion Park as our favouite spaces. We used red for love, green for clam and yellow for happiness to colour our favourite spaces.

Gardens By The Bay.JPG

Artist Statement

Gardens by the Bay is a special place to us. We are inspired by the colours that we can find there. Gardens by the Bay does not stand alone but is a part of the larger landscape comprising of the Marina Bay Sands, Art Science Museum and the Merlion Park. We want to show the colours of the different landmarks through this artwork.