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Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

The school vision 'A Gabrielite will be God-loving, disciplined, gracious, caring and a life-long learner.' is embedded in all the PAL lessons adapted and customised for the 6 PAL modules - Sports & Games and Outdoor Education, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts on Music, Dance & Drama. The boys are provided with meaningful PAL activities to embrace SEL competencies such as social awareness, responsible decision-making and relationship management while working together as a team. The use of PAL domains as a platform to promote SEL competencies is evident in all lesson plans. The young Gabrielites enjoy the interactive and hands-on activities. Deliberate attempts are included in the lessons for the boys to encounter problems and challenges so that the boys live up to the School Vision while displaying the 8 school virtues such as self-discipline, respect, and generosity.