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PAL Coordinator
Mrs Catherine Low
Mr Jimmy Tong

PAL Team
Ms Priscilla Yong  Mr Neo Yong Teck 
Ms Karen Loo
Ms Siti Nurhayaty
Ms Elsa Teng
Mrs Shelena Lim 
Mrs Sheryl Toh
Mrs Sabrina Tan 

The PAL pedagogy provides opportunities for our young Gabrielites to exhibit the desired behaviour aligned to our school vision and virtues. Our school vision 'A Gabrielite will be God-loving, disciplined, gracious, caring and a life-long learner.' is embedded in all six PAL modules - Sports and Games, and Outdoor Education, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts on Music, Dance and Drama.

Anchoring on a boy-centric approach, every module promotes multi-sensory learning experiences that are meaningful and enjoyable for our young Gabrielites; engaging the visual, auditory, tactile and kinaesthetic through stories, imagery and manipulatives. During a 2-hour PAL lesson each week, the boys will participate in interactive and hands-on activities to embrace social-emotional learning competencies such as social awareness, responsible decision-making and relationship management while working as a team. They will also encounter problems and challenges so that they live up to the school vision while displaying the school virtues like self-discipline, respect and generosity.

PAL - Outdoor Education module.jpg
Outdoor Education module
PAL - Sports and Games module.JPG
Sports and Games module
PAL - Visual Arts module.JPG
Visual Arts module
PAL Performing Arts - Dance module.jpeg
Performing Arts - Dance module
PAL Performing Arts - Drama module.jpg
Performing Arts - Drama module
PAL Performing Arts - Music module.jpg
Performing Arts - Music module