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Vision for Learning: 
Every Gabrielite will be a proficient, innovative and responsible user of ICT.

Subject Head
Mdm Lim Jia Shyuan

Programmes & Activites

Baseline ICT Skills

Our 6 year programme aims to equip every student in St Gabriel's Primary School with the essential ICT skills to enable them to be future-ready citizens. Each year, our Gabrielites will focus on mastering a set of ICT skills as follows: 

Primary 1 – Basics of Computer Operation and Touch Typing, Organising Information using Microsoft Word 

Primary 2 – Internet Search, Email, Creative Presentation using Microsoft Power Point 

Primary 3 – Basic Photography and Photo Manipulation 

Primary 4 – Data Management using Microsoft Excel

Primary 5 – Coding and Programming 

Primary 6 – Basic Video Production using Windows Movie Maker

Coding and Programming
P5 Coding 1.JPGP5 Coding 2.JPGP5 Coding 3.JPG
P5 Coding 4.JPGP5 Coding 5.JPGP5 Coding 6.JPG

Cyber Wellness
Cyber Wellness (CW) refers to the positive well-being of Internet users. It involves an understanding of online behaviour and awareness of how to protect oneself in cyberspace. The focus of CW is about helping students to become responsible digital learners. When navigating cyberspace, students should demonstrate respect for self and others and practise safe and responsible use. Students should also be a positive peer influence by harnessing technology for collaboration, learning and productivity, as well as advocating positive use of technology for the good of the community.

MOE uses the CW framework to develop the child’s instinct to protect and empower him to take responsibility for his own well-being in cyberspace. The three principles, ‘Respect for Self and Others’, ‘Safe and Responsible Use’ and ‘Positive Peer Influence’ when adhered to will anchor a child’s well-being in cyberspace as he will then be able to make careful and well-considered decisions.
There are 7 key Cyberwellness topics which students are engaged in through school assembly programmes as well as within our school’s Montfortian Character and Citizenship (MCCE) curriculum. They are: 

• Netiquette
• Dangers of Cyber Contacts
• Handling Inappropriate Content
• Copyright
• Cyberbullying
• Computer Security
• Gaming and Internet Addiction 

Our Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors sharing at school assembly on how to be discerning online..jpeg20191111_094625.jpg
Our Cyberwellness Student Ambassadors sharing at school assembly on the topic of Cyberbullying..jpeg20190627_091645.jpg

Sense – Think – Act at Home 

To complement the CW curriculum in schools, parents can set a good example at home in the use of technology and play an active role in guiding our children to navigate in cyberspace. To ensure that their children are safe and have positive experiences online, parents can:

Sense-Think-Act at Home.jpg