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‘To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science’ ~ Albert Einstein

Looking at the world around us through a new lens each time enables one to have different perspectives and be opened to new ideas. As such, SHM Club aims to stimulate interest in Science and Mathematics through experiential learning and student-centric activities. 

On top of learning concepts in mathematics, equally important are cognitive and metacognitive skills and to encourage students to be inquisitive. As such, Mathematics activities are designed to hone students’ attention, observation, accuracy and logical reasoning abilities with opportunities to be self-directed in discovering mathematical results. Some of the sessions include: 

Divisibility Rule and my Birthday 
Learning stations 

To inculcate in students the spirit of scientific inquiry, our members designed and conducted experiments and reasoned using scientific principles. Platforms are also provided for students to be aware of the roles played by science, establishing its relevance and relationship to modern-day living in the form of food science and environmental issues. Some of the sessions conducted include: 

Egg-drop challenge
What’s in my chicken nuggets
Whale beaching 
Plastics found in deer and sea mammals 

Challenging each other at math game.jpgSolving a math code together.jpgStudents putting their ideas together to design their project.jpgStudents testing out their project.jpgWorking together to create their prototype.jpg