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Robotics Club is a CCA where our students get to display their creativity and proficiency through constructing and programming robots. Our objective is to provide a platform for the students to display the virtue of perseverance, develop their thinking skills and apply essential strategies such as being a self-motivated learner.

The Robotics Club consists of students from Primary 3 to 6. Our weekly training sessions are held on Fridays. There are 2 trainers, each has a group to manage; namely the senior and junior team. The senior students are taken through strategies and tactics relevant for the construction and programming of the robots. The juniors on the other hand, focus on learning the basic skills. 

Aside from the training sessions in school, the students also have opportunities to participate in different Robotics competitions. Through the competition, the club aims to enrich the students’ knowledge and hone their skills. 

Asia Pacific Youth Robotics Competition.jpg
Asia Pacific Youth Robotics Competition
IDE Robotics Competiton.JPG
IDE Robotics Competiton
In House Training 2.JPG
In House Training
In House Training 3.JPG
In House Training
In House Training1.JPG
In House Training
Open House.JPG
Open House