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Our Objectives
Students will: 
unlock students' hidden creative potential and passion in acting, singing and dancing progressively 
develop self-confidence and competent speaking skills while delivering theatrical presentations
inculcate an understanding and appreciation for Performing Arts

Since 2019, a new CCA has emerged, trailblazing its way into the school, while winning the hearts and minds of many Gabrielites through a myriad of performances. Hailed as the Performing Arts CCA, students are able to shine through the rich and robust programme that has been offered to them. 

From the time of its inception, members of the CCA have been training tirelessly to bring memorable performances to the school during special events.  

The first semester entails Speech and Drama where they learn to be skilful in oratorical techniques needed while delivering their lines during a play. Stage directions and discipline, integral to the success of a stage performance, are also key aspects of the programme. Students are also taught basic scriptwriting so that they own the story that they are to act out, ensuring that they breathe life into the story by walking in the shoes of the characters. Armed with the necessary skills, our boys have beamed with pride as they performed during past events, whether it was during the Aesthetics Week, Kindergarten Visit and Children’s Day in 2019 or during a performance captured on video for the English Language Week this year. 

Semester 2 would pave the way for a new set of skills - that of singing and dancing! Our students learn to groove to the latest beats by Westlife and many more artists of today. Serenading to these familiar songs spark an incredible amount of energy amongst the students when they performed Westlife’s ‘You Raise Me Up’ in 2019. 
This year paves the way for new challenges as the CCA looks out for innovative ways to continue to bring the spirit of Performing Arts to the rest of our Gabrielites!

Testimonials from students:

“I love rehearsing the plays and performing for the school. Performing arts has helped me overcome my shyness and gain more confidence with public speaking. It is fun to learn new skills with my friends.” 
- Max, Primary 5

“I'm glad that I am able to do what I enjoy doing though Performing Arts CCA. Every student in my group gets the opportunity to unleash their talents through different types of performances such as singing, dancing, acting and playing music instruments like the ukulele. Performing Arts is fun and interesting! I always look forward to my CCA days!”
- Gurjustin, Primary 5

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