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SGPS Badminton CCA comprises the developmental and recreational teams. The developmental team trains twice a week whilst the recreational players train weekly for two hours. Selected members from the developmental team make up the junior and senior teams, which represent the school in inter-school competitions. Training sessions for the school teams increase in both intensity and frequency prior to the competitions.

Under the guidance of the teachers and coaches, our senior and more experienced players also assist in the training of selected groups of younger players.  Through this, they are able to apply the skills they have learnt over the years and it is also a good opportunity to hone their leadership skills.  

A senior Gabrielite demonstrating a skill to the younger ones.JPGPlayers taking part in the Inter-class games.JPGSorting out shuttlecocks together.jpeg

Playing Doubles.JPG

Warming up before training.JPG
Primary 3 Developmental Team players.jpeg