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Department Goal
Every Gabrielite to develop his artistic and creative capabilities with a sense of cultural awareness.

Head of Department
Mrs Catherine Low

Music Coordinator
Mrs Sabrina Tan

Aesthetics Committee
Mr Daniel Sia
Mrs Shelena Lim
Ms Glenda Ng
Mdm Cecilia Wong
Ms Priscilla Yong
Ms Faith Chiu

Aesthetics Department

At St. Gabriel’s Primary School, we nurture every Gabrielite to be a leader, sportsman and an achiever. Our Arts Education serves to develop our students into creative and discerning individuals who embrace cultural diversity with a deep appreciation for the aesthetics vision:

Leader – To cultivate a passion for the Arts and to foster a sense of cultural awareness for artistic development and excellence as a respectful and ethical individual

Sportsman – To develop social and life skills as an effective and resilient team player through diverse arts experiences, ethnic music groups and ensembles

Achiever – To strengthen critical thought and creative expression with knowledge and competency, and to excel in artistic and musical mastery as an inventive and confident individual  

Primary 3 Art with IBL - Animal Outer Covering.JPG
Primary 3 Art with IBL - Animal Outer Covering
Primary 3 AISS - Angklung.JPG
Primary 3 AISS - Angklung
Arts Fest - Piano Recital.JPG
Arts Fest - Piano Recital
Primary 4 AMIS Acrylic Art for Chapel.jpeg
Primary 4 AMIS Acrylic Art for Chapel

Our visual and performing arts programmes are designed to extend the arts experiences beyond the learning of skills and techniques. Students are also provided with opportunities to enhance their skills and level of proficiency with professional instructors (AISS and AMIS) on curriculum modules such as Oil Pastel and Watercolour Art, Batik Art, Angklung, Percussion Ensembles and Creative Dance, which are grounded in cultural values. 

The three aesthetics CCAs namely Brass Band, Performing Arts and Art Club provide avenues for students to further pursue their interest in performing and creative expression. With a wide spectrum of enriched arts experiences and showcase platforms, we hope our Gabrielites will be empowered by the arts as they discover their interests and aspirations to develop their artistic and creative capabilities in potential fields which enrich and expand their experience of life. 

Our Aesthetics Journey

Primary 1 Collage Art.jpeg
Primary 1 Collage Art
Arts Fest - Party Hats.jpg
Arts Fest - Party Hats
Primary 3 Watercolour Art - Starry Night.jpeg
Primary 3 Watercolour Art - Starry Night
Primary 4 AMIS Drawing & Painting.jpeg
Primary 4 AMIS Drawing & Painting
Arts Fest - Drama Skit.JPG
Arts Fest - Drama Skit 
Sing-Along - Theres A Place for Everyone.JPG

Sing-Along - There's A Place for Everyone 
Primary 1 AMIS Brazilian Percussion.JPG
Primary 1 AMIS Brazilian Percussion
MakerSpace - Dance with Coding.jpeg
 MakerSpace - Dance with Coding
PAL Performing Arts - Dance module.jpeg
PAL Performing Arts - Dance module
PAL - Visual Arts module.JPG
PAL - Visual Arts module 
Art Club.jpg
 Art Club
Performing Arts CCA.JPG
 Performing Arts CCA
Brass Band CCA at St. Gabriels Foundation Charity Concert.jpg
Brass Band CCA at St. Gabriel's Foundation Charity Concert
Brass Band CCA at Kim Seng Wind Symphony.JPG
Brass Band CCA at Kim Seng Wind Symphony

2019 Aesthetics Fest