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Prefectorial Board in St. Gabriel’s Primary School

Prefect Mentors:
1. Mr Andy Kong
2. Ms Karen Loo


The Prefectorial Board in SGPS comprises of Prefects from Primary 3 to 6, carefully selected and trained to perform the versatile and demanding role. The Prefects strive to be the embodiment of the school values and virtues. They lead by example and are good role models for their peers. Apart from ensuring the safety and discipline of the students within the school, the Prefects also serve and lead the student body in various activities and events to uphold the good name of the school.

Prefectorial Exco Team 2020
The Prefectorial Exco Team comprises of the following Prefects:

Title Name/ Class 
Head Prefect
Aqmal Matin, 6RES
Vice-Head Prefects 
Hirann Jay Kannan, 6LMM
Chiang Ryu Ji, 6MM
Wee Chuan Jie, 6LMM
Assistant Vice-Head Prefects 
Cody Tan, 6LMM
Martin Sauze, 6RES

From L to R- Cody, Ryu Ji, Hirann, Martin, Aqmal, Chuan Jie.jpg
The Prefectorial Exco Team members work together hand-in-hand to lead and guide their fellow Prefects in carrying out their duties smoothly and effectively. During weekly Prefect meetings, the Exco Team would also share their valuable experience with their junior Prefects, providing them with tips on how to be more assertive and what could be done when faced with a certain situation.
(From L to R: Cody, Ryu Ji, Hirann, Martin, Aqmal, Chuan Jie)

Appointment of Prefects

At the end of Semester 1, the Form and Co-Form Teachers of Primary 3 classes would nominate students based on criteria set by the Student Leadership Department. These students would then be interviewed and if they were assessed to be suitable, they would be appointed as Junior Prefects. During their appointment, they would be assigned to a Senior Prefect who will provide them with on-the-job training. If a student did not get nominated in Primary 3, there is still a possibility of him being nominated at the end of Primary 4 or 5.

Throughout the year, the Prefect Mentors will constantly provide guidance to support the growth and development of all Prefects. At the end of the year, every Prefect will be assessed by the following stakeholders:

1. Prefect Mentors
2. Form and Subject Teachers
3. Fellow Prefects

The data obtained will then be triangulated to deem the suitability of the Prefect to be reappointed in the following year.
Prefects reciting the Leaders_ Pledge.jpg
Prefects reciting the Leaders’ Pledge

Annual Head Prefect Election

The annual Head Prefect Election was held on 22 January 2020. Two days before the election, the four candidates, Wee Chuan Jie (6LMM), Chiang Ryu Ji (6LMM), Hirann Jay Kannan (6LMM) and Aqmal Matin (6RES), started their campaigning efforts by reaching out to students across the different levels during their respective recesses, talking to them and sharing with them their initiatives on how they would like to make the school a better place for all students.

On the election day itself, a total of about 850 students from Primary 1 to 6 as well as school staff casted their votes for the Head Prefect of their choice. Before the school day ended, our Principal, Mr Martin Tan, announced the results, “The Head Prefect for 2020 is… Aqmal Matin from 6 Respect!”

At that moment, the entire school erupted with cheers as they applauded Aqmal for his new appointment.

Annual Head Prefect Election 1.jpgAnnual Head Prefect Election 4.jpg
Annual Head Prefect Election 3.jpgAnnual Head Prefect Election 2.jpg
Head Prefect Election 2020

Prefectorial Board Training

1. Internal Leadership Training

Twice a year, the Prefects would undergo training either by the Prefect Mentors or an appointed vendor. They would be equipped with the necessary skills in executing their duties and be briefed on the expectations of a Prefect. 

We strongly believe in the Prefectorial Board being united as one. Thus, team building games and activities would also be carried out during the training to enhance the teamwork and cohesiveness among the Prefects.
Six Thinking Hats Workshop.jpgDiscussions led by the respective Team Leaders.jpg
Six Thinking Hats Workshop 
Discussions led by the respective Team Leaders

2. External Leadership Workshop

Cluster Leadership Training - Every year, our Prefects would participate in a cluster leadership training organised by a school in the same cluster. This is a good opportunity for Student Leaders from the various schools to come together to share their experiences and the good practices adopted by their own schools. They then apply their takeaways from the training when carrying out their duties, fulfilling their role as a Prefect to the best of their abilities.
P4 Prefects (2019).jpg
P4 Prefects (2019)
Cluster Leadership Training 1.jpg
Cluster Leadership Training 2.jpg

3. Leadership Challenge

At the end of 2019, selected prefects had the opportunity to represent the school to take part in the Temasek Leadership Showdown. Student leaders from schools across the nation came together to hone their leadership skills and competencies. They were also provided with a platform to network with other like-minded student leaders.

Besides attending talks by guest speakers on the topic of leadership, they were also challenged to step out of their comfort zone to engage in activities that allowed them to demonstrate practices of exemplary leadership as well as to conquer their fears.

Temasek Leadership Challenge 1.jpg
Temasek Leadership Challenge 2.jpg
Temasek Leadership Challenge 3.jpg

Initiatives Implemented by Prefects for Students in SGPS

1. Umbrella Loan Corner

The Umbrella Loan Corner was set up so that students who need an umbrella can borrow one when they go home on rainy days. In doing so, it minimised the need for students to have to wait for the rain to stop or brave the rain to get home.

Prior to implementing this initiative, the Prefects ran a donation drive, calling for students to donate their spare umbrellas for a good cause. It was well received and the Prefects collected a total of 50 umbrellas to be loaned out to students.

Prefects loaning out umbrellas during dismissal on a rainy afternoon 1.jpgPrefects loaning out umbrellas during dismissal on a rainy afternoon 2.jpg
Prefects loaning out umbrellas during dismissal on a rainy afternoon

2.     Peer Revision Corner

The Peer Revision Corner was set up to provide a cosy and safe place in which students could seek help if they encountered any issues with their schoolwork. Prefects would be deployed during recesses to provide academic support to their fellow Gabrielites. Peer Revision Corner.png

3. Saving Electricity Campaign

The Saving Electricity Campaign was started to educate and encourage Gabrielites to play their part in saving the earth by saving electricity. Prefects on roving duty during recess would check that all electrical appliances in the classrooms which are not in use are switched off. By doing so, classes earn Gabrielite stars and at the same time, it helps to lower the school’s utility bill.

Sample of a recording document used by Prefects on duty.jpg
Sample of a recording document used by Prefects on duty

4. Sports Equipment Loan Corner

The Sports Equipment Loan Corner was set up to loan sports equipment to Gabrielites who would like to play sports during recess but do not have the equipment to do so. This initiative provided each and every student with an equal opportunity to play the sport that they enjoy and at the same time, promoted a healthy lifestyle while they have fun with their friends during recess.

Sports Equipment Loan Corner.jpg