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Peer Support Mentors: 
Mr Andy Kong
Mr Ye Jingwei
Ms Karen Loo
Mrs Jeannette Tan
Mrs Sabrina Tan


Apart from teachers and school counsellors, peers are the next best people to provide social and emotional support for students in need or distress.  Peers are generally aware of what their friends are going through and therefore in the best position to alert teachers and school counsellors when they notice that their friends are in need of help or not coping well.  Also, students will seek out peers when they are experiencing worry, frustration or concerns and be more comfortable in talking openly with them.  With this initial disclosure, peers can offer emotional support and advise their friends to seek help. 
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Recognising the importance and impact a student can have on its peers, the school embarked on a 3-tiered approach (Tier 1: School-Wide; Tier 2: Class; and Tier 3: Targeted) towards peer support, leveraging on it to strengthen the student-student relationship (SSR) among peers, as well as, to foster a culture of care and inclusiveness within the school.

To enhance the efforts in driving a comprehensive and effective Peer Support culture within the school, Peer Support Leaders (PSL) are appointed and trained to provide timely support to students within the school
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Our PSLs and Their Roles
Befriend students and promote inclusiveness in the class
Offer support in a non-judgemental and non-directive way
Provide social and emotional support by offering a listening ear
Be alert to changes in friends’ behaviours and recognise common signs of distress
Promote a culture of care within the class and resolve conflicts among classmates.
Encourage students to seek help from teachers and/or school counsellors when they are unable to cope.
Advocating good Cyber Wellness practices as a Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador

The Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors (CWSAs) in St. Gabriel’s Primary School play a crucial role in advocating good Cyber Wellness practices among their peers. The CWSAs undergo a yearly training workshop to be equipped with the skills and knowledge to plan and facilitate activities for the annual Health and Wellness Week and to raise awareness in the school on how to be a responsible digital user. The CWSAs came up with various game ideas like “Shoot Down Unhealthy Habits”, “Cyber Toss” etc to engage their peers in fun-filled yet meaningful games. It has successfully attracted many of our Gabrielites to participate and through the process of playing the games, our Gabrielites learnt how they can create a positive online environment. The CWSAs also conduct termly assembly sharing to keep Gabrielites updated with the current Cyber Wellness trends as well as to provide some useful tips on how their peers can be safe, be kind and be smart in the digital world.PSL EXCO.png

Equipping and Empowering the PSLs 

To ensure that our PSLs are competent in carrying out their duties, training is conducted twice a year for them to hone their skills in engaging and facilitating discussion amongst peers. During these training sessions, apart from the Cheer Model, skills such as conflict management and communication skills are being introduced to them. Peer Support Leaders are specifically coached to look out for signs of distress in their peers during these sessions too. 
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Tier 1: School Wide Approach in Peer Support

To allow everyone to be a peer supporter, the “CHEER” model is introduced as part of the Peer Support Curriculum we have for our Gabrielites. The CHEER Model adapted from Guidance Branch is used to attend to peers who are in need of peer support. As part of the Peer Support Curriculum, our Gabrielites also undergo experiential activities to understand and appreciate the importance of Peer Support.
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Tier 2: Class Approach
(PSLs: Peer Support Leaders; SSR: Student-Student Relationship)

Tier 3: Targeted Approach

Apart from providing individualised support to students identified by our Peer Support Leaders (PSLs), students who would like to speak to a PSL could always drop a note into the Peer Support Help Box, located at the entrance of The Gabrielites’ Lodge.

The students are briefed during assembly on how they could seek support from the PSLs through the Help Box. As a constant reminder to the students, the briefing slides are on display in common areas such as the school canteen’s TVs. Students are encouraged to drop notes in the PSL Help Box to request for help from the PSLs.

Upon receiving the note, the Head/ Vice-Head PSL will then assign the “case” to a PSL. This PSL will then arrange to meet up with the respective student during their recesses to get to know him better. They could either arrange to meet in the canteen for some drinks or meet at The Gabrielites’ Lodge to play some games.

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The Gabrielites’ Lodge 

The Gabrielites’ Lodge is a place where Gabrielites can spend time bonding with one another during recess. It is a place where positive relationships are built through conversations and games. Our PSLs are also available to engage anyone who goes to The Gabrielites’ Lodge.

Students can head there if they simply want to relax and have some fun with their peers. Students can choose from a variety of board games and console games. They also get to play Lego and foosball. There is a cosy corner set up for them too.
Other Initiatives (1).gif Other Peer Support Initiatives

Morning Welcome!
A great cheer to start the day! Our PSLs 
welcome their fellow Gabrielites along the 
Bonding Through Music.jpgBonding through Music
The school offers an engaging programme, We Can Drum, for peer support leaders to work with their fellow Gabrielites. The programme was made possible through the National Arts Council (NAC) in collaboration with One Heartbeat. We have seen amazing results in increasing the values of resilience and empathy in our student participants.