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CCA Leadership @ SGPS
Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn


Being a proficient and contributing Leader is one of the long-term vision for our students at St. Gabriel’s Primary School. Through our school’s Monfortian Leadership Programme and Framework, students are progressively nurtured along a leadership path as they move from P1 to P6. Within this bigger framework, our CCA platforms provide students with unique leadership skills and opportunities to exhibit their leadership skills as our boys grow.

CCA Leadership Framework.png
Roles and Responsibilities of CCA Leaders

During CCAs
Ensure CCA members are ready for CCA training and competitions
Conduct warm-up and basic practices when called upon
Encourage and motivate CCA members during training and competitions
Assist teachers and coaches in running their CCA programmes
Lead CCA members to collect and set-up all logistical equipment for training and competitions
Act as peer mentors to gather feedback from CCA members
Coach and instruct lower primary members in basic drills and practices
Plan, organize and execute their CCA events for other students in school

Beyond CCAs
Work with other leaders from the school to plan and organize school events for the students
Assist in the loaning out of sports equipment during recess

Badminton Leader.jpg
Badminton Leaders as Organizers of Inter-Class Badminton

GFA Junior Umpires.jpg
Badminton Leaders as Organizers of Inter-Class Badminton

GFA Leaders Organising Football League.jpg
GFA Leaders Organizing Lower Primary Football League