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Department Goal
A God Loving, Confident role model who leads from the heart

Department Motto
Lead by Example

Head of Department / Subject Head:

Mr Andy Kong (Subject Head, Student Leadership)

Key Programme/Activites 

Montfortian Leadership Program (MLP)

Student leadership at St.Gabriel’s Primary School is aligned to its mission of Shaping Lives for Service to God and Nation. The school has developed a 3-tier pupil leadership framework based on the philosophy of “Giving Pupils a Voice” 

Student Leadership Framework_V2.png

The programme - “Every Gabrielite is a Leader” is based on the school’s Montfortian beliefs to nurture Gabrielites to become “God loving, confident role models who lead from the heart”. The Student Leadership Framework has 3 tiers: Tier 1 leadership opportunities enable all students to take on class leadership roles such as group leaders and subject representatives. Students who display potential to take on higher leadership roles will be nominated for Tier 2 leadership, e.g., the class monitors and subject leaders. The Tier 3 Leadership (Leader of Leaders) refers to the Student EXCO (P.R.I.D.E), Prefects, NE ambassadors, CCA and Peer Support Leaders and other school-wide leadership roles. These students are likely to be selected from the Tier 2 leaders, have shown consistent performance in their duties, and are able to manage themselves and their peers well.


The above infographics depicts how our student leadership programme is run in St. Gabriel’s Primary School. Structure and processes have been put in place to ensure our Gabrielites are sufficiently trained in leadership competencies as well as offering platforms for them to showcase and practice their leadership skills.