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Department Goal
To Develop Gabrielite Leaders who Lead and Serve God and Nation

Department Motto
Lead by Example

Head of Department/ Subject Head:
Mr Xie Zhengyang (Subject Head, Student Leadership Internal)

Leadership Framework 
Student leadership at St. Gabriel’s Primary School is aligned to its mission of Shaping Lives for Service to God and Nation. The school has developed a 3-tier student leadership framework based on the philosophy of “Giving Pupils a Voice” 

Student Leadership Framework_v2.png

The programme - “Every Gabrielite is a Leader” is based on the school’s Montfortian beliefs to nurture all Gabrielites to become “God loving, confident role models who lead from the heart”. 

The Student Leadership Framework has 3 tiers: Tier 1 leadership opportunities enable all students to take on class leadership roles such as class monitors and subject representatives. These appointments are rotated every semester to allow every student to have the opportunity to assume a leadership position in class. Students who display potential to take on higher leadership roles will be nominated for Tier 2 leadership such as:

Peer Support Leaders
CCA Leaders
NE Ambassadors

These students are likely to have shown consistent performance in their duties, and are able to manage themselves and their peers well. The Tier 3 leaders comprise of the Head and Vice-Heads of the various groups of Tier 2 leaders and together, they form PRIDE, which stands for Personal Responsibility in Delivering Excellence.

Leadership Training

To equip our leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge in carrying out their duties, leadership training is conducted twice a year, once in every semester. These trainings are conducted by the respective Department Heads and are targeted in providing our student leaders with the relevant knowledge for administering their responsibilities well.

Student Leadership1.jpg
Student Leadership2.jpgStudent Leadership3.jpg

Joint Leaders’ Investiture

The Joint Leaders’ Investiture is an annual prestigious event which is held in the beginning of the year. During this special day, our leaders would be recognized and appointed during the ceremony. As part of the ceremony, all our Tier 2 leaders would recite the Leaders’ Pledge, led by the Head Prefect, as they promised to do their best for their class, school and community.

Joint Leaders’ Investiture 2021