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St Louis Marie de Montfort (LMM) Team
Mr Andy Kong, Mrs Vishnu Radha, Miss Low Yun Hui, Mdm Sharifah Nurulhuda

St Louis Marie de Montfort (LMM) Signature Programmes
We acknowledge that all Gabrielites have different areas of strengths. We also recognize that amongst our Gabrielites, are boys who learn at a different pace and these boys would benefit from a more robust and academically challenging curriculum. 

As such, there arose a need for a differentiated curriculum to cater to them which saw the introduction of the St Louis Marie de Montfort (LMM) class in 2016.

Students in these LMM classes follow the mainstream curriculum during school hours with differential instruction in subject areas like Mathematics, e.g. LE³ during its lessons. A selected group of LMM students is also offered Higher Mother Tongue as a non-examinable subject. This is to allow them to be immersed in the language and to appreciate the culture of their Mother Tongue. To extend the students’ learning, an array of mandatory and optional programmes have been carefully curated for them to participate. These programmes take into consideration the students’ cognitive needs and interests and include the Literature Programme, Innovation (IvP) Programme, Coding & Robotics lessons and E2K (Mathematics and Science).

Apart from engaging the students cognitively, the LMM students also connect with the community through VIA programmes such as being advocates for the Gabrielite Foundation Flag Day and promoting recycling through upcycling.


The following document provides more information on the background, structure and implementation of the LMM Programme in SGPS.
LMM Information for Parents (School Website).pdf