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Department Goal

To create a diverse and vibrant learning environment to nurture confident critical problem solvers and motivated lifelong learners 

HOD / SH / Coordinator

Level Head: Mr Christopher Wong

Coordinator: Ms Christine Lee & Ms Low Yun Hui

The Mathematics Department supports the school’s strategic goal of creating a Compelling Learning Experience that cultivates the spirit of life-long learning. The department has put into action various measures to provide a holistic learning environment for pupils to explore Mathematics and develop a love for Mathematics through their primary school years.

Our Mathematics Program emphasizes on:

  • Mastery of knowledge and skills
  • Problem solving
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Communication skills


 Learning through real life experiences - LE3 Programme



Progressive Problem Solving Strategies (PSS)
Using the spiral approach, students are exposed to different problem solving strategies progressively from Primary 1 to Primary 6. This enables them to familiarise themselves with the various heuristics skills so as to build their confidence in dealing with Math problems.

Mathematical Olympiad (P4-P6) 

  • Weekly training to expose pupils to Mathematics problems that will stimulate their interest and enthusiasm for problem solving 
  • Participate in National mathematics competitions organised by schools such as NUS High School, Hwa Chong Institution, ACS(I) and Raffles Institution. 


Our Achievements

ICAS Mathematics

·        3 High Distinctions

·        15 Distinctions

·        46 Credit

·        23 Merit

Singapore And Asian Schools Math Olympiad 

·        8 Silver

·        10 Bronze

Raffles Institution Primary Math World Contest

·        6 Distinctions

·        6 Credits

World Mathematics Invitational Finals

·        1 Bronze

·        1 Excellence Award

Singapore International Olympiad Challenge

·        2 Silver 

Mathematics websites

General Math websites

1. MOE Syllabus https://www.moe.gov.sg/education/syllabuses/sciences/

Math Problems Sums – Koobits http://problemsums.koobits.com 

3. World of Math Online  

4. Math is Fun – Math Resources  http://www.mathsisfun.com 

5. A Maths Dictionary for Kids  http://www.amathsdictionaryforkids.com/
 Teaching Ideas and links
1.  Coolmath4parents http://www.coolmath4parents.com/

 2.  Games to cultivate interest http://www.arcademics.com/

 3. Math Learning Center http://www.mathlearningcenter.org/

 4. Math Puzzles, Printables, Problems, Test Preparation 

 5.  Online Lesson – Identifying fractions using lines and circles. Renaming, comparing, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing of fractions using lines and circles.  http://www.visualfractions.com  

 6.  Primary Games – Educational games for the primary classroom  http://www.primarygames.co.uk/  

 7. Cool Math 4 kids – Math games, Math puzzles, Math lessons – designed for kids and fun!  http://www.coolmath4kids.com/  

 8. Math Advantage – Math Activities according to your grades/levels  http://www.harcourtschool.com/menus/math_advantage.html 

 9. Hundreds of pages of Basic Math Skills  http://www.aaamath.com  

 10.  Coolmath.com – An amusement park of math designed for fun 
 11. The Internet’s #1 Education Site for K-8 pupils and teachers 

12. Online Math Java Games  http://www.aplusmath.com/games/index.html


At the Primary School Education Seminar, St Gabriel's Primary School shared the engaging learning experience that our pupils have in the mathematics classroom. Our teachers were present to share how we designed the purposeful and engaging learning activities and how we carried them out. Examples of these activities across the levels were also displayed. 

Mr Christopher Wong, Level Head, Mathematics, shared with Channel Newsasia how, in St Gabriel's Primary, pupils are engaged in the learning of mathematics so that they develop a deep understanding of the mathematical concepts and skills as well as confidence and interest in the subject. 


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