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Parents' Support Group




Our Parent Support Group (PSG) has been going strong for many years, as we have fantastic parents/guardians enthusiastically volunteering their time and energy to help support the school’s variety of activities and events for the boys every year. As such, the PSG is very happy to work in partnership with the school to assist the learning experience of all the boys in the school. This helps the school to achieve their vision for all the boys to do their best, both in school and life.


The PSG strongly believes that parental involvement demonstrates one’s interest in the growth of their son(s) which reinforces their sense of security and self-worth. This will no doubt enrich one’s relationship with their son(s) now and for many years to come.


If you are interested to become a Parent Volunteer, please do come and join us. It is always heartening to see all our volunteers working together as one big family, having the same sense of pride of wanting to help the school, their son(s) and all the other boys in the school. 

Some of the activities and events the PSG support are:

  • Learning Journeys
  • Values-In-Action activities
  • P1 & P2 Mini Olympics
  • P3 to P6 Sports & Games Day
  • P6 Gala Night
  • Religious Education lessons
  • Virtues Week


Blood Pressure Taking Excercise

Founder's Day NAPFA
Head Prefects Election Head Prefects Election
Lower Primary Games Open House
Primary 1 Orientation Primary 1 Orientation
Skipathon Skipathon
Sports and Games Day Sports and Games Day

and many more……..