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Louis Marie de Monfort (LMM)

St Louis Marie de Montfort (LMM) Team
Mrs Jamie Chaw, Mr Andy Kong, Miss Low Yun Hui, Mdm Yao Xiao Feng

St Louis Marie de Montfort (LMM) Signature Programmes
As such, there was a need for a differentiated curriculum which caters to the needs of this group of students with a different ability and pace of learning through the introduction of the St Louis Marie de Montfort (LMM) class, otherwise affectionately known as Primary 4 LMM class, in 2016 and Primary 4 and 5 LMM classes in 2017. 

Gaining insights to the IvP presentations before they embark on the IvP in the beginning of the year.JPG Team work!.JPG

Apart from engaging the students cognitively, the LMM students also connect with the community as the Little Champs of National Kidney Foundation. They learn about kidney disease and share their knowledge with the rest of the school. 

Viewing the exhibits at the NKF Heritage Centre.JPG  Our Little Champs on a Learning Journey to NKF.JPG